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Strong as stone: The many faces of artist Lorrie Goulet

By Brittany Goldman   Silence, then a warm, yet assertive voice breathes through the telephone receiver. Like a strong wind, you feel the passion of her words take hold of you, and it becomes apparent, she’s a force to be… Continue Reading →

Grant allows multi-million dollar renovations to Asheville Art Museum

By Ashton Helton Thousands of stored artworks will see the light of day thanks to a capital campaign launched by a local Asheville non-profit organization. The ArtWORKS for Asheville campaign, along with a grant given by the Henry Luce Foundation… Continue Reading →

The art of re-creation

By Brooke Phillips Artists often use their work as a platform to comment on society’s larger issues.  Today, several artists in the U.S. embrace the concept of upcycling, using everyday objects that are often thrown away after their initial use… Continue Reading →

Asheville Art Museum and Black Mountain College Museum transforming lives through Art

By Sarah Carballo In the center of urban Asheville, one museum is in the business of transforming lives through art. The Asheville Art Museum, according to their mission statement, aims to engage, enlighten and inspire through the visual arts. As… Continue Reading →

Vault visible: The Asheville Art Museum’s exhibit reminds collectors, curators, and consumers alike how art connects through transparent experiences 

By Stephanie Smith Anne Burkhardt said she considers herself and her husband, Nat, “spontaneous art collectors.” Having lived in Asheville for the majority of the fifty-five years they’ve been married, the Burkhardts’ refined home displays many monuments, which fade seamlessly… Continue Reading →

Asheville locals reflect on 70 years of preservation within the community

By Conner Furr With the Asheville Art Museum’s 70th anniversary on the horizon, the current incarnation of the institution prepares for further renovations in order to develop a contemporary brand, while maintaining the cities culture and heritage. Allowing locals within… Continue Reading →

More than just looking:  Inside the interactive programs of the Asheville Art Museum

By Caroline Colman The Asheville Art Museum is a widely honored museum which was founded 68 years ago, and continues to make strides to allow the museum to be more accessible and entertaining in the 21st century. Lauren Bacchus, Museum… Continue Reading →

Anne Lemanski: Political art in Western North Carolina

By Kareena Gardner Anne Lemanski makes vibrant and unique sculptures. As an avid bird-watcher, she chooses birds as her subject most of the time. Most of her sculptures are life-size animals; recently she made a life-size deer. But unlike sculptures… Continue Reading →

Crossing the boundary: Cherokee basket making

By Karrigan Monk Nestled in the hills of the Great Smoky Mountains lies the Qualla Boundary, known to outsiders as the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Looking in any direction, mountains are all that can be seen. Ten minutes from downtown, Ocanluftee… Continue Reading →

Asheville Art Museum’s expansion

By Allie Chason and Michael Hall The Asheville Art Museum closed its doors to visitors in November to begin construction in order to better accommodate and attract Western North Carolina and its visitors. “The new museum project has three main components… Continue Reading →

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